Sunday, May 6, 2007

How to Attract Customers Instead Of Chasing Them!

Are you tired of buying worthless leads and cold calling them just to hear a bell ringing NO? Are you tired of chasing your warm market, just to discover they are not being warm to you any longer? In fact , maybe you have discovered that you are on your way to ruin a good relationship because they didn’t manage to make money on your money making machine. Maybe you have worked hard on your sales skills and managed to earn some of your friends hard earned money and recruited them in your downline just to find out that they are not sales persons?

Sounds too familiar?

Now it is your time to turn the tables and learn how to attract people to you - answering the calls of people who have contacted you because of the attraction you have on them. This is because of how you have positioned yourself as an authority in their field of interest, in their field of business, as a leader of men. How can you accomplish this? By giving and not selling. Give generously of something I hope you have lots of: your expertise, something people can benefit greatly from.

"How can I earn money by just giving and not selling?", you might ask? I admit it might sound a bit backwards in comparison what you have been taught, but it is the best way. People hate being sold to, but they love to buy. When people are buying, they have the notion that it is their idea. When people are sold to, they feel like being chased, and nobody likes that.

If you have an offline store you can sell truckloads of an in-demand product you have advertised, but when the customer is gone, you have to advertise all over again to get him go through you door once more. When you advertise through the Internet it should not be your product, but your expertise. Why is that? Because if you give something of interest, something valuable to them, something they will benefit from, they will start to trust you. In order for you to give them the information they want, they will have to provide you with the contact information you need to be able to send it to them. And now the education of you customers can start. Now you can teach them how to be successful! There is no business like the MLM business because you can be so greatly
involved in other people's successes: Their success is your success.

"Nobody who bought a drill actually wanted a drill. They wanted a hole. Therefore, if you want to sell drills, you should advertise information about making holes – NOT information about drills!" -

Perry Marshall.

Can you see what I'm saying? When people have read the well written information about how easy it is to make a hole (information you have given to your customer for free, by the way), when the need of making that hole comes, they also know who can provide them with the wonderful drill that can make that beautiful hole. That will be YOU! And if those who have bought the drill want to provide drills to others, you have now educated them in how to do it. Maybe you payed a very small fee to advertise something you wanted to GIVE to them, but you certainly didn't pay for the leads. This is a truly beautiful concept!

To your success!

Rune Simonsen, a hard working Internet marketer who is also working a teacher I love to teach. I'm married to the most beautiful woman in the world, and we have 5 great kids together.

Having worked in the MLM industry for some time, I grew weary, and it was not until I stumbled upon a book written by Mike Dillard, a former waiter, I started asking questions like: "Tired of chasing your warm market, buying expensive, but worthless leads and cold calling them?"

Thought so... Stop chasing people and let them chase you. Go and enroll for your free 10 days Magnetic Bootcamp.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Plug-in Profit Site - How to create wealth through a free website on stereoids

How would you respond if you got a fully customizable website with some of the best top paying products offered on the web for free? You can add all the products you promote on the page, not only affilliate links but products you have created yourself. And that is just the beginning! You will have your own autoresponder, your very own customer follow up system, and as many squeezepages for your pruducts as you want. This is both for the novice and the advanced. This is not a duplicated website - it is your personal one on your own domain. Stone Evans has done an amazing job with this automated money making machine. He didn't stop developing it until it was superb. He didn't rush it just to get it out to you so he could make some easy money on you.

The amizingly great thing here is that you will have the best training available to get you up and running earning a very substantional income. You will have step by step instructions that tells you exactly what to do. The training is on your site when you log into it, but you can download one of the most acclaimed ebooks about internet marketing totally for free here. The training covers the hard core aspects of internet marketing: How to and where you can promote your high value most profitable website.

"Why is he giving me this website for free?", you might ask. And rightly so. Who would in his right mind give away something of very high value, something that is not a toy, but a highly profitable real business for free? Isn't there a catch? No, there is no catch. What you will have to do in order to get this personal website is to let Host4Profit host your website. This is no catch, but something very profitable for you, because when other fellow entrepreneurs like yourself want this profitable website you will earn a monthly residual income on 10$ on that one signup.

I'm Rune Simonsen, your Online Business Scout, looking for highly profitable businesses you can make some serious income from.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

How to Accellerate your Google Adword campaigns to get clicks for nickles and dimes

If you're wrestling in a brutally competitive niche, if you're doing Google Adsense, traffic brokering or any kind of affiliate marketing, the secret to unveil in order to succeed is finding your keywords for your Adword campaigns in an intelligent way that others don't know how to, so you can find opportunities where others never look. If this is what you do, AdWord Accelerator is an outstanding tool, a true star that sparkles brighter than the others. There is only one tool that really can dig up variations of the keywords your competitors are using, but with one difference: You are paying just a fraction for your visitors clicks than what your competitors are paying.

Adwords Accelerator has a keyword refinement thechology which allows you to find subtle phrase variations for your niche that makes you 30%, 50%, 70% cuts in click prices. Instead of giving you screen captures of this software I'm using actively myself, you should go to the AdWord Accelerator website and watch the video there.

AA is extremely easy to understand and has a very comfortable learning curve and even allows you to spy on your competitor's ads which have a good Click Through Ratio.

If you want to break into a highly competive niche or market, and you don't have the marketing budget your competitors are operating, AA is absolutely superior and second to none.

(Note: AdWord Accelerator is a private membership service which has limited membership and may or may not be currently unavailable. But if you can get inside, all is good.)

I'm Rune Simonsen, your Online Business Scout, looking for highly profitable businesses you can make some serious income from, and tools you would wonder how you have survived without after having tried them.

To your success.

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How to create hundreds of unique articles for your blog and article directories in seconds for free

How would you like to be able to create hundreds of unique articles in seconds for absolutely no cost at all? Jetspinner and Jetsubmitter are two remarkable tools you can use in your website marketing efforts. Jetspinner is completely free and will allow you to create hundreds of unique articles for article marketing which is a necessity if you want to position yourself as an authority in your field of competence. If you are in the virtual real estate business where you create laser targeted content sites you moneytize, you have probably heard the phrase: "Content is king". This is a statement which is not entirely true. It would be if it was changed to "Unique content is king". Jetsubmitter makes you able to publish your unique articles to over 400 article directories in a blink of an eye. Jetsubmitter is not free, but you can test drive it for three days for just 1$, and after that for just 17$ a month.

You can quickly and easily establish yourself as an expert in your field and create hundreds of backlinks that avoid Google's duplicate content penalties after having published your unique articles to hundreds of directories.

I'm Rune Simonsen, your Online Business Scout, looking for highly profitable businesses you can make some serious income from, and tools you would wonder how you have survived without after having tried them.

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